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With a Little Help from Our Friends

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Okay - here we go ladies!!! Jan. 13th, 2004 @ 01:20 pm
And we are off....tomorrow morning let's all weigh in and measure and report here. Lets make 1 post per day depending on whomever posts first and the others can reply to it so as too keep each day together - deal?

I am going to set some guidelines up in the journal info. Please feel free to conrtibute ideas...group goals, etc.

Okay - today I have had:

* cinnamon & spice oatmeal w/a box of raisins
* 2 cups of coffee with half & half & sweet-n-low
* 1 can of split pea with ham and bacon soup
* handful or pretzels
* 32oz of water....

I may have some carrots in a little while.
I'll add to this entry tomorrow after I've had supper.
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